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Next, Paul created the New Visions Foundation and his second school, New Roads. New Roads took the Engaged Education philosophy and shared it with a school population with a larger proportion of children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who might otherwise not have the opportunity to attend a school like Crossroads. The results have been astoundingly successful and have led to the next major hurdle: taking on the non-financial challenges that can prevent a child from receiving an Engaged Education. Such challenges include the social injustices of poverty, abuse, neglect, and even incarceration – all of which can stand in the way of learning. Over the past two decades, New Visions has created programs to take on the challenges of foster and incarcerated youth and the children of immigrant parents, determined to neutralize the social obstacles in the most at-risk children’s lives. New Visions believes they too can find their individual educational sparks and create their own life’s journey. These programs have been extremely successful in the Los Angeles area, and now it is time for New Visions to strengthen and evolve the organization so it can grow and provide these opportunities to as many children as possible. .

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