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Photography Instructor


I am a cinematographer (I work primarily with video) who went to UCLA film school. I am originally from New York City, but I’ve lived in LA since 2002. 

My photography and photoshop class is about learning the basics of a DSLR camera settings, lenses, techniques to make your photos look great, and how to edit your photos in Photoshop (computer program). 

Most of all, I hope I can help you to enjoy the process of expressing yourself through art and photography, and be free to experiment creatively using a camera and computer. 


Silkscreening Instructor

Justan Torres

Justan is not only one of our Case Managers, but he also teaches silkscreening to our youth.  His creativity and love of nature truly shines through while holding workshops for our youth to learn a new skill and also work on healing through arts.

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Surf Instructor

Marion Clark

Current President and Treasurer of Surf Bus Foundation in Santa Monica. She is Co-owner of Surf Academy with her bestie, Jamie Mar-shell-us.  Marion is a cheeky mermaid surfer. She and her staff of surf teachers work with our youth during Summer of Engagement, usually a weekly lesson on surfing, water safety and teamwork.

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