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HS Graduation

College Acceptance


"The program helped me find pieces of the puzzle of my life by helping me get my driver's license and finding careers that are suitable for me."
 - Amir E. C/HOPE client and Youth Navigator


HS Graduation




Lennox is a deeply impoverished area of Los Angeles that suffers from one of the ten highest rates of domestic violence in the country. Only 3% of the residents in Lennox have a college degree. Coalition for Engaged Education (previously New Visions Foundation) designed a six-week Summer Pilot Program in 2013 to curb the high drop out rate between 8th and 9th grade for 20 students identified as highly likely to drop out and who had not registered for high school. We were then asked to develop a year-round program that supported the educational, emotional, and physical needs of these students. These students were enrolled in high school and three were placed in a private school on full scholarship. Each student was promised a scholarship to be awarded upon post-high school matriculation at a college or university. Coalition for Engaged Education provided intensive case management until high school graduation in 2017.

Eighteen students graduated high school and to date, seven have received scholarships.

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