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A New Way of Life Reentry Project promotes healing, power, and opportunity for formerly incarcerated people by taking a multifaceted approach to mitigating the effects of, and ultimately eliminating, mass incarceration.

To ensure our communities are safe, healthy, and whole, ARC empowers formerly and currently incarcerated people to thrive by providing a support network, comprehensive reentry services, and opportunities to advocate for policy change.

The Arts for Healing and Justice Network (AHJN) is an interdisciplinary collaborative that provides exceptional arts programming in order to build resiliency and wellness, eliminate recidivism, and transform the juvenile justice system.

This first-of-a-kind AmeriCorps program enlists formerly incarcerated and system-impacted people to provide reentry coaching and mentorship to justice-involved youth and young adults who are facing many of the same challenges they once did.

Provides mentoring in the areas of education, restorative justice, addiction, professional development, transitional housing, and violence intervention.

Provides wrap-around services to those in the community who have been marginalized by poverty, drug addiction, and trauma.

Provides mentoring, gang intervention, 12-step meetings, employment referrals,

Community intervention workers and ambassadors in the four TPI communities mediate conflicts, control rumors, stop retaliatory violence, ensure safe passages to and from schools and parks, promote peace in the community, and link youth and adults to social services, health services, and mental-health services.

Case Management, Family Engagement, Gang Prevention and Intervention, Educational Services, Workforce Development, Advocacy, Peer Mentoring, and Violence Reduction Strategies.

Provides support, mentorship, training, employment, and advocacy to young women and trans youth of all genders in California who have grown up in poverty, experienced the juvenile legal and foster care systems, have had to survive living and working on the streets, and who have experienced significant violence in their lives.

Gang rehabilitation and reentry program. Services include case management, tattoo removal, workforce development, mental health and education.

The FAP consists of trained Family Assistance Advocates (FAA) who receive and respond to incidents of (LASD) officer involved shootings. These shooting may take place in custody or in community, hospital, or jail settings. FAAs support families, friends and witnesses impacted by such incidents and provide relevant mental health services, other services, and burial costs when needed.

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