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Summer of Engagement (SOE) is our way of celebrating summer with our youth by providing them with exciting learning experiences in a variety of social settings. Each of our SOE events incorporates a fun social activity (i.e. camping, movie night, kayaking, etc.), food, and topics critical to their development (i.e. accountability, empowerment, non-violent communication, etc.). This summer 2022 we focused our SOE events around restorative justice and incorporated different aspects of this practice into our activities. Among the many restorative justice activities, we included in our events, some of these include storytelling, reflection, brainstorming, and strategic thinking. Above all, the most important part of the Coalition’s Summer of Engagement is to provide our youth with a much-needed sense of support, understanding, and community.


WHO IS THIS FOR?  Current Coalition clients aged 16-25

WHAT ARE THE DATES OF THE PROGRAM?  late June through mid-August

HOW OFTEN ARE TRIPS/CLASSES? Generally 2-3 per week


WHO CHAPERONES THE YOUTH? All 5 counselors, some Coalition Staff

HOW DO I JOIN? Youth need to be referred to our program by the courts, legal personnel or other professional entity. If you would like to refer a youth to our program, click HERE to access a referral form.

2022 Summer of Engagement Statistics
Total hours of programming provided: 89.5

Classes-Total clients attended:
  • Cooking classes - 10 clients
  • Rediscover Art classes - 8 clients
  • Surf Bus classes - 11 clients
Events - Total clients attended:
  • Nick Gabaldon Day - 9 clients
  • BBQ SOE kick-off - 17 clients
  • Bike ride - 8 clients
  • Camping - 12 clients
  • Hiking - 9 clients
  • Movie Night - 14 clients
  • Volunteer events - 4 clients
  • Tupac Museum - 10 clients
Most Popular SOE classes:
Surf Bus - 37.93% of total attended​
Cooking Class - 34.8% of total attended
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IMG_9932 (1) (1).jpg
IMG-20220807-WA0044 (1).jpg

"One of my probation terms was to join the C/HOPE program. They were able to help me accomplish goals that I had that I didn't feel I was able to accomplish by myself and push me toward my main goal."
                                                                           - Jonathan, C/Hope Alumni

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