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Brandy Brown has always been drawn to education, counseling, and medicine. At UCLA, she is pursuing a dual degree in social welfare and public health, which combines her passions and gives her insight into different intervention strategies across populations. Her goal is to have a multifaceted program that addresses the needs of minoritized youth holistically. As a busy single mother, she has a tough time balancing school, motherhood, and her baking business as well as working as a birth doula and lactation educator. But she wants to make her daughter proud and loves to spend time any free time with her doing craft projects.

2022 - 2023



Claire Amabile is a dual Master of Social Welfare (MSW) and Master of Public Health (MPH) student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She chose UCLA because of its diverse student population, renowned research expertise, and faculty members that focus on violence prevention. Claire was drawn to social work because of its mission to serve vulnerable populations, and ultimately strives to utilize her social work experience to aid survivors of violence in their healing processes.

2021 - 2022




Aaron has recently started his MSW program at the University of Southern California and largely decided to continue his higher education there because he  was born and raised in Southern California. He chose the Social Work field because he knows it will offer him the best avenue to contribute his educational skills in meaningful and concrete ways.

2021 - 2022



Austin Saephan is a first-year Master in Social Welfare student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Austin chose to attend UCLA in order to gain a critical lens for addressing the systemic injustices oppressing vulnerable communities. As a future clinician, he aims to provide community mental health services to equity-seeking populations. In his free time, Austin enjoys watching sitcoms, spending time with friends, and going to the gym.


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Micah Chase is working towards his Masters of Social Welfare at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), where he will be specializing in Mental Health and Aging. Micah chose UCLA because of the challenging curriculum, top-notch faculty, and incredible diverse student body that believes in improving the lives of vulnerable populations.

2021 - 2022

Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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