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Verano de Compromiso 2022


Esta es tu página de proyecto. Es una gran oportunidad para ayudar a los visitantes a comprender el contexto y los antecedentes de su último trabajo. Haga doble clic en el cuadro de texto para comenzar a editar su contenido y asegúrese de agregar todos los detalles relevantes que desea compartir.


WHO IS THIS FOR?  Current Coalition clients aged 16-25

WHAT ARE THE DATES OF THE PROGRAM?  late June through mid-August

HOW OFTEN ARE TRIPS/CLASSES? Generally 2-3 per week


WHO CHAPERONES THE YOUTH? All 5 counselors, some Coalition Staff

HOW DO I JOIN? Youth need to be referred to our program by the courts, legal personnel or other professional entity. If you would like to refer a youth to our program, click HERE to access a referral form.

2022 Summer of Engagement Statistics
Total hours of programming provided: 89.5

Classes-Total clients attended:
  • Cooking classes - 10 clients
  • Rediscover Art classes - 8 clients
  • Surf Bus classes - 11 clients
Events - Total clients attended:
  • Nick Gabaldon Day - 9 clients
  • BBQ SOE kick-off - 17 clients
  • Bike ride - 8 clients
  • Camping - 12 clients
  • Hiking - 9 clients
  • Movie Night - 14 clients
  • Volunteer events - 4 clients
  • Tupac Museum - 10 clients
Most Popular SOE classes:
Surf Bus - 37.93% of total attended​
Cooking Class - 34.8% of total attended
IMG_2269 (2).JPG
IMG_9932 (1) (1).jpg
IMG-20220807-WA0044 (1).jpg

"One of my probation terms was to join the C/HOPE program. They were able to help me accomplish goals that I had that I didn't feel I was able to accomplish by myself and push me toward my main goal."
                                                                           - Jonathan, C/Hope Alumni

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