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Apply to community college schools in the largest district in the United States. This  website is where you begin the enrollment to a community college in the LA area.

Fulfillment Fund works to make college a reality for students growing up in educationally and economically under-resourced communities. 

A comprehensive website with information and links to Community Colleges, financial assistance for school, transfer opportunities, career guidance and degree/certificate information.

Online tool that helps match students with colleges and grant opportunities.

The Ultimate Financial Aid resource guide. As you prepare for college or career school, explore how financial aid works, learn about the types of aid, and find out if you’re eligible. 

The support of the United Negro College Fund takes many different forms. From merit scholarships to financial assistance, on-campus assistance to professional development, emergency financial aid to community support, UNCF is committed to getting more students like you to and through college.

Several resources are available to support higher education for foster students, and understanding how to find them can help students to succeed.

Provides the steps necessary to make it to college. From asking for support, to asking for financial assistance and finding the right school for you.


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