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Mobile case management for youth impacted by the justice system


Youth in conflict with the law are at extremely high-risk for low educational attainment, underemployment, major health disparities, poverty, homelessness, and recidivism. The Coalition’s C/HOPE program is designed to interrupt that typical cascade of negative outcomes.  C/HOPE works with justice-involved youth both during their incarceration and during their re-integration into the community while on probation to ensure that each young person is truly ready to re-enter his or her community with both the internal resources and the vocational skills needed to turn the page on a difficult past and create a different, more stable life.

Testimonial from C/HOPE alumni, Christian


What is mobile case management? Our case managers meet, one-on-one, with their youth were they are; physically, emotionally and spiritually. This could mean advocacy in court, support at a doctors visit or just talking though difficulties. They also pick youth up to transport them to group events and activities.

Who can join the program? Youth ages 14-25 who are justice impacted (including foster) who live in Los Angeles County. Click HERE to fill out a contact form -  or a referral form for service providers referring youth to our program.

How long does the program run? Regular case management occurs year-round. Special workshops and classes occur during the regular school year. Summer of engagement runs from late June through mid August.

What type of workshops do you offer? Everything from woodworking, screenprinting, and healing arts, to finance, cooking and resume building.

What type of results do you get with this model? Due to the personal support our clients receive from our counselors, we have excellent results with court advocacy, repeatedly seeing clients come off probation after the court sees what progress has been made. Those experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty are assisted by providing resources to help find secure food and housing. Most clients learn how to build a resume and acquire interview skills, with many gaining meaningful employment and improving their prospects for the future.

How is this program funded? We are fortunate to be awarded grants which promote reentry and reduction of recidivism as well as some loyal donors who believe in the program. 

Do you work in the juvenile camps? Our counselors do have court orders to gain access to their clients in the camps.  At this time, this is limited to one-on-one visits with clients. We are currently working on getting permission to run a workshop inside the camps for our youth.

How can a youth join the program? Our youth are usually referred to us by the courts, lawyers, probation officers and other professionals. If you would like to refer someone to us, please access a referral form HERE and email it to

"Whenever I would mess up, they would help me. They would always be there for me. They wouldn't quit on me and...I finally had that kind of mentor or that kind of counselor to help me and push me and remind me that my life matters."     - Jonathan, C/Hope Alumni

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