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211 LA is your locally based, nonprofit guide to the services & information you need to navigate life in Los Angeles. Enter "jobs" in the search bar.

Whether you’re searching for a new career, finishing your high school diploma or exploring your options, Job Corps can provide you with FREE training to jump-start your future. has an online guide that offers a step-by-step approach, packed with useful tips and insights to assist students in securing internships in various industries. We have received positive feedback from our readers who found it immensely helpful in navigating the competitive internship landscape.

OutsideConnection's mission is to help reentrants find success after returning home from prison. Many reentrants face challenges such as substance abuse, poverty, and lack of support. Their goal as a second-chance job site is to help reentrants find welcoming employers that will contribute to their future success.

A website with extensive resources for Youth Employment, as well as many other youth topics.

Economc Worforce Development Department - Youth Source website for multiple locations throughout LA county.

The program provides youth employment services for at-risk adolescents and young adults in Los Angeles County. There are no geographic restrictions.

Project Kinship’s staff provides emotional support and advocacy as we assist individuals through the stages of change and transformation by providing early intervention, prevention, reentry support and intervention, as well as assistance with system network care and service.

This year, Hire LA's Youth is offering virtual and in-person jobs for young people, between the ages of 14 and 24, who live in the City of Los Angeles and meet the eligibility criteria.

The program provides employment and education services for out-of-school youth, ages 16 to 21, who live in low-income and high dropout rate areas of the City of Los Angeles. Services are provided at 13 YouthSource Center locations. 

CA Employment Development Department's site to search for jobs by region in California. 

Job training program for at risk youth.

Work Readiness Certificate program for youth ages 16-24. After completion provides job leads from over 100 companies in the LA area.

WINTER is an apprenticeship readiness program for women which builds foundational skills for a career in construction. Secure a career in construction with competitive wage, benefits for you and your family, and a path to retirement.

The agency provides foster care services for foster children and former foster youth age 23 and younger in Los Angeles County by helping to ease the transition from foster care to emancipation. 

JTM Pre-Apprenticeship Academy trains adults for employment readiness in the construction trades and utility sector careers.

No-cost job training, interview preparation, and employment support for youth.

California's online resource for connecting employers and job seekers.


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